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"Kate Seawell is familiar to anyone who has visited the Mobile Museum of Art lately - or Mobile Arts Council, the RSA Battlehouse Tower or Ashland Gallery in Midtown.

These days, Seawell seems to be everywhere, and in a couple of months she also will be in book stores. The 54-year-old Mobile artist created the illustrations for a book of "dog poems" by Alabama poet laureate Sue Walker, Ph.D., of the University of South Alabama. Walker's poems are based on Reuben, the faithful canine companion of Teddy Lee.

Teddy and Reuben are Mobile denizens, a striking pair, and both are included in Seawell's portrait series, "Faces of Mobile," on view at the museum in Langan Park. The series had been displayed at the Mobile Arts Council downtown.

Seawell, a native of Montgomery, has been a Mobile resident for 30 years."

- Thomas B. Harrison of The Mobile Press Register

About Artist
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